This will not end well…

Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:34 am by AndromedasWake

…for them.

Geocentrists want my blood. See, some time ago, I posted a video calling out a particularly notorious Youtube moron on his geocentric view of the Universe. He failed to respond to my challenge entirely, but in his place, what I can only discern is some small organisation of geocentrists have posted a response. They have further proceeded to post several videos that purport to present scientific proof that the Earth is stationary at the centre of the Universe. Furthermore, they seem to conclude that the theory of evolution is a delusion.

Does it take even the slightest thought to guess their motives? Not really. You don’t have to look far through their videos to see one of them holding a bible. Several individuals have brought all this to my attention, whom I thank. I intend to respond fully to these masters of bunk, however this will mean putting off a new series I was hoping to launch this weekend.

But you don’t mind right? Everyone loves a good debunking!

Incidentally, these chaps are fellow Brits; the first to meet my sciencehammer. That honour might have gone to Marc Surtees, had fellow Leaguer JRChadwick not already done so.

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